15.02.2024 TAG, Wien – Releasekonzert (A)
22.02.2024 Arge, Salzburg (A)
23.02.2024 Komma, Wörgl (A)
24.02.2024 Die Bäckerei, Innsbruck (A)
29.02.2024 Kap Schaufenster, München (D)
01.03.2024 Kulturforum Klosterkirche, Traunstein (D)
08.03.2024 Recordbag Instore Gig, Wien
16.03.2024 Mülikoasahof, Haag am Hausruck (A)
17.03.2024 Mülikoasahof, Haag am Hausruck (A)
21.03.2024 Prinz Willy, Kiel (D)
26.03.2024 Neue Kammerspiele, Kleinmachnow (D)
27.03.2024 Monarch, Berlin (D)
28.03.2024 Deichdiele, Hamburg (D)
29.03.2024 The Famous Gold Watch, Berlin (D)
05.04.2024 U4, Wien (Kurt Cobain Tribute)
18.04.2024 Cafe Wolf, Graz (A)
19.04.2024 Hafenstadt, Klagenfurt (A)
27.04.2024 Kulturpool Gusenthal, Gallneukirchen (A)
09.05.2024 Chelsea, Wien (A)
10.05.2024 TraK BASE, Grieskirchen (A)
11.05.2024 Spielraum, Gaspoltshofen (A)
15.06.2024 Salzstadel, Rosenheim (D)

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Listen to Impassable

Concept by Bernhard Eder / Jetski
Direction: Jetski
Cinematography: Christoph Maleh
Featuring Nico Dorigatti & Bernhard Eder


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Listen to Consequence / Produced by Dominik Pandelidis, featuring drummer Alex Kerbl



In 2006, Bernhard moved on to Berlin for a new beginning in life and establishing his solo career. It leaded to the debut album “The Livingroom Sessions” (2007). During his “Berlin Period”, he came across (and made friends with) colleagues – with some, Bernhard founded a band to add to his new-found sound. Working with new musicians was an inspiration, as was the city of Berlin itself, sparking a creative fire in him.  Together with the band and a notebook full of newly written songs he recorded “Tales from the East Side”, released in late 2008.

Bernhard released another two records after his return to Vienna: the EP “The Unexpected” (2010) and the full-length album “To disappear doesn't mean to run away” (2011).

At the time, he applied himself to something different: he was invited to write the music for the play “Die Nibelungen” at the Max Reinhardt Seminar (Vienna). This production led to Berhards first theatre experience – as musician, and as actor playing the role of Volker von Alzey.

Back then, he was already working the conceptual breakup album “Post Breakup Coffee”, released in 2012.

It is followed by “Nonsleeper” in 2015. In late 2016, Bernhard releases his 6th studio release, a cover album named “Remake”, completed by the live album “Remodel” (2017). They are followed by “Reset” (2019) and “Subterranian Echoes” (2022).